Driving On Crack

Openly Grey
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Driving On Crack
The roads in Quebec don't often get checked
They had a master plan, it was called neglect
Next time the Mohawks are claiming their land
The bridge is the one place they won't make a stand

Cause Quebec infrastructure is the worst we've ever seen
People are wondering if it's made of poutine
But don't blame the cooks, it's not their fault
They claim the recipe had too much salt

Pick it, George!

My friend was married to a Quebec engineer
Of course it all fell apart after 40 years
The concrete and steel in Quebec were created
Maybe that's why they have separated

Your Montreal address is not the same anymore
Now you live at the corner of 'Barrée' and 'Détour'
'Survivor Montreal,' I cannot conceive
If they vote you off the island - you can't leave!

Pick it again

The Champlain Bridge is hard to comprehend
It has to be rebuilt just so it can be condemned
Now Ottawa says they will build a new span
But they'll have to charge a toll - you pay when you land

I sit in traffic and there's never any movement
So when there's an earthquake, it's an improvement
Don't erase the graffiti from the Turcot
It might be the only thing that's holding it up

One more time

Montreal, Montreal - Donnes-y la claque
If you're driving in Quebec
You're driving on crack
Montreal, Montreal
If your life's on the skids
You can always throw yourself
Under a bridge
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