Trust In Justin

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Trust In Justin
Conservatives in Parliament do not like Justin T.
They do not like his politics or his pedigree.
He's left of Stephen Harper and right of Tom Mulcair
Plus he pisses off the separatists
And that's ten more points right there.

His energy and feelings he often can't restrain.
He sometimes opens mouth before engaging brain.
He says he smoked a joint and that's just as well because
There was a buzz around the Liberals
And now we know what it was.

I'll trust in Justin Trudeau, he's the man for me
The nemesis of Tories and the NDP.
When Trudeau is Prime Minister it will be kind of strange
If you've been smoking since the 60s
you'll think that nothing's changed.

He looks good with his shirt off and everyone can tell
His heart is in the right place and his nipples are as well.
Stephen Harper's government looks like it's on the skids
Plus if he took his shirt off it would frighten all the kids.

His first attempts at dating I'll bet they didn't thrive
It's hard to get romantic growing up at Sussex Drive.
The girls would tell him: "Justin - just so there's no doubt
We can cuddle-duddle, but fuddle-duddle is out."

I'll trust in Justin Trudeau to show us what he'll do
Perhaps one day he'll even look good in a canoe.
His father was a rascal, he took life as it comes
He did not like kissing babies but he liked to kiss their moms.

Let's put our trust in Justin, Justin is our man
If anyone can lead this country maybe Justin can.
Move over boomers, it's the younger people's turn
If he can learn from our mistakes then there's an awful lot to learn.
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