Kim Jong Un

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Kim Jong Un
Every morning at the palace you can see him arrive
He's 5 foot 6, weighs 245,
He's the leader of the North Korean state.
They see Kim here, they see Kim there
They recognize Kim everywhere
He's the only North Korean who's overweight.

When the previous Kim suddenly died
"Who can replace him?" The people cried
"Is there anyone here who has the right stuff?"
He said: "I'll play your stupid game,
but I've got nothing but my name."
Well, it turns out that - that was enough.

Kim Jong Kim Jong Kim Jong Un,
the North Korean Looney Tune

He said: "Come on people - you know the drill
It's all written down here in my Daddy's will
I was kind of hoping for a pizzeria
But it's all legal, signed and witnessed
Daddy left me the family business
Which in this case just happens to be North Korea."

We don't know much about this man
Who's Dennis Rodman's only fan
When he came to visit, there was a lot of glad -handing
Ole Kim was proud as he could be
He showed him off like a prize on TV
Like he'd won "last Commie Standing."

He likes to shoot off rockets when he gets mad
But they barely clear the launching pad.
Turns out the missile threat is mostly bluff.
He's big on anger and defiance,
But he's a little short on rocket science.
- And I thought these people invented that stuff.

Kim Jong, Kim Jong, Kim Jong Un
The North Korean Looney Tune

If you subscribe to North Korea Tel
You don't get a phone, you just get a cell
It's not much fun for a babysitter
And even though it's a socialist state
There's no social media, which Kim must hate
Imagine - millions of followers, but no Twitter.

If you were thinking of visiting North Korea
Maybe it's not such a great idea
To try and break through the curtain of bamboo
Because since that movie with Seth Rogen
They've put up a new slogan
It says: "hey, American - Yuck Foo!"

By now you're probably getting sick
Of hearing me play that lick
You know, the one that kind of reminds you of Charlie Chan
I know it's a stereotypical representation
Of music that's supposedly Asian
But I have to play it ... because I can

He's a young man, that Kim Jong Un
He's not about to die anytime soon
But he's bound to go sooner or later
I hear tell his busy staff have already come up with his epitaph
It'll say: "here lies a big dick ... tater."

Kim Jong, Kim Jong, Kim Jong Un
The North Korean Looney Tune
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