Side By Each

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Side By Each
Side by each, face the sun,
Two eggs - not just one
And a pair of toast within my reach
And give to me as well
Two lines of bacon parallel
And two eggs together, side by each

I was out the other day
When I heard someone say
An unusual figure of speech
And a phrase that he said
Stuck in my head
It was this one:
"Side by each"

Because I know that it's true
It's what we gotta do
So I figured, I would start to teach
The wisdom of this phrase
Because we have to spend our days
Living together, side by each.

Side by each through the years
Through the laughter and the tears
Though we may speak a different speech

Sometimes right, sometimes wrong
It's our story, it's our song
Living together, side by each.
Side by each, side by each.
Side by each.
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