Snow is a Four-letter Word

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Snow is a Four-letter Word
When the leaves are off the trees
And I feel that chilly breeze,
I wanna go where the weather's fine
Because you don't have to shovel sunshine.

There's no reason we should stay
Summer is just three days away.
No need to lock the house with a key
Everything we own is in the RV.

Let's go, follow the birds, because snow
Is a four-letter word.

There's a place I don't need a coat
That's the place that gets my vote.
Excuse me, but I'm not a fan
Of dressing up like the Michelin man.

I don't know where heaven may be
But it sure ain't Canada in February.
When it starts to get dark at three
And I start to look like my photo ID.

Let's go, follow the birds, cause snow
Is a four-letter word.

Packed my bags ready for my annual vacation
Got my flip flops and six months of medication.
I'll be fleeing as fast as a cheetah
The only ice I wanna see is in my Marguerita.

There's a special kind of delight
To hear the temperature in Fahrenheit.
When I do, I really have to say
It always sounds much warmer that way.

I turn the weather channel on
To see what's up where I come from.
I get a thrill when I know,
They just got four feet of snow.

Let's go, follow the geese
Watch out for the state police.
Let's go, follow the ducks
Because snow totally sucks.
Let's go, follow the birds,
Because snow is a four letter word.
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