Working Where the Sun Don't Shine (The Rectal Surgeon's Song)

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Working Where the Sun Don't Shine (The Rectal Surgeon's Song)
I know that, sir. Now, we've just had an election.
- You speak for yourself.
Yeah. We've just...
- Allo! This is the whole show, that's all.
You just had an election. Do you have any comments about the election that just happened, sir?
- I have more than a comment. I have a poem.
You wrote a poem about it?
- Maybe they want me to read my poem.
Oh. You don't usually get poems written about politics, sir.
- Yes. Okay. It's about the Bloc Quebecois.
Bloc, bloc, bloc. It's a song.
Bloc-a-dee, bloc-a-do, bloc...
See, they like it already.
Bloc is who they are, and bloc is what they do.

Stéphane Dion, Stéphane Dion
Will have to be replaced.
People are now talking
Behind his back, right to his face.

It looked better when I wrote it.

For Stephen Harper
Things did not go so well.
He's either happy or he's disgusted.
It's very hard to tell.

That's two strikes.

Jack Layton is a nice guy
He's a social democrat.
But Quebec don't need his party
They got the PQ for that.

Green is very nice,
But between me and you,
She would have done better in Quebec
If her party was "The Blue."

The Bloc did not sweep the province.
For at the final count
Many liberals were elected,
like Garneau, in Westmount.

I asked him, Marc, why choose Westmount
To start your career?
He said, it reminds me of space
It's cold and there's no atmosphere.

I should have quit while we were ahead.

I heard that a Tory was elected
And I was depressed, but then
I saw it was Maxime Bernier
And that cheered me up again.

I know he's not on our side
But in the end, who cares?
The way he screws things up
I'm happy that he's on theirs.

Of all the representatives
Who've been elected now,
The Bloc are the only ones
Who are going to keep their vow.

They were completely honest
With their promises this fall,
When they get to Ottawa
They'll do bugger all.

That's my poem.
Okay, thank you. Let's hear it for Monsieur Jean Chretien
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