That's Progress (Single)

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That's Progress (Single)
My teenage kid downloads movies by the score
But he can't seem to upload his clothes from the floor
I'm the older generation, he's from the next
If I wanna get in touch with him, I have to send a text

That's progress
Young people have the power
He's gonna change the world
If he ever gets out of a shower

In cyber-space you never know what you'll get
I'm 28 years old and single - on the internet
Facebook friends, I've got 200 or so
And some of them are people that I actually know

And that's progress
It affects your mental health
Thank goodness for the Bluetooth
Or people who think that I'm talking to myself

You get a new computer, what do you gain?
Carpal tunnel syndrome, and lower back pain
The paperless office? Oh please
Computers kill more trees than the Dutch Elm Disease

It used to be your place or my place
Now it's YouTube and my Face
We're blogging and we're tweeting
And we're meeting in cyberspace
The internet brings us together
And the world is getting small
And we can always hear the opinions of people who know f**k all

That's progress
It don't mean a thing
I'm like the lady in my GPS
I'm recalculating
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