What is a Garmento?

She Wants Me
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What is a Garmento?
What is a Garmento? What kind of man is he? Who knows only two seasons? Slack and busy.
He has a method and he's glad that he found it. He starts with a price tag and builds a suit around it.
And every Garmento deserves a Memento. Even the president for clothing he went to a Garmento.
He's thankful for Goyim. They bolster his sales. If not for the Goyim, food by retail.
When perverts flash Garmento, there's no running and whining.
Garmento just nods and then he says, that's a nice lining.
And every Garmento deserves a Memento. When mourners lament, the raiment they rent came from Garmento.
From a Garmento, from a Garmento.
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