Anglonians, Arise!

She Wants Me
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Anglonians, Arise!
Anglonians arise!
Lift up your downcast eyes!
We're going to create a brand new dawn!
Come on, you guys!

Anglonians are we!
We finally agree!
Now is the hour to feel the power
Of our apostrophe!

Montreal has suffered
Years and years of drought,
First Jean Drapeau cleaned it up,
Then the PQ cleaned it out!
If you believe they'll soften
Their laws on our language,
Then maybe you believe one day
They'll finish the Champlain Bridge!

Anglonians, survive!
The way to stay alive
Is try to show a francophone
Where pure lane meets sex drive!

Anglonians arise!
Lift up your downcast eyes!
There's fields to cross and hills to climb!
Let the bells of freedom chime!
What the hell, it's cliché time,
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