John Lennon's Bedroom

Montreal Souvenirs
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John Lennon's Bedroom
It started when I heard he was here
On the radio, don't you know
He was on the seventeenth floor of the Queen Elizabeth Hotel
On Dorchester - as it was known then
I got on my motorcycle
Which was only a Honda 125
But it made me feel young
And alive
And I was wearing bell-button jeans
And a tie-dye t-shirt
And had hair down to my shoulders
Like John
Did you knock on the door?
Why - was it open?
No, but I saw Kyoko playing in the halls
How did you know it was Kyoko?
Because in those days there weren't that many Japanese tourists in Montreal
I went to the door she'd gone into
And I knocked only once or twice
A man answered, he seemed quite nice
And he smiled because he was probably on LSD
Like John
Did he ask you who you were?
Yes, I guess he was in charge of
Screening out everyone who John was seeing
What did you tell him? Did you give him your name?
No, this is the clever part. I said: "I'm a human being."
I hadn't planned to say that
It was something I heard myself say
It reflected the mood of the day
And it was magical when he said
"You better come in then, human being."
You forgot about the flower
No, I had a flower in my hand
And I said: "I want to give this flower to John"
Because I'm a fan. Have been for many years
You were a fan, a true blue fan
You were a man, a human being
A fan with a flower in my hand
A man with a flower in his hand
Who's a fan and I wanted to see John, John, John
So I walked into the bedroom and I looked around
And there in the far corner of the room was CKGM broadcasting live from John Lennon's bedroom
And they were playing all that great 60's music that they're still playing today
And in the other corner were the Hari Krishnas
They were lighting incense and dancing around with bare feet and hand cymbals
And they were singing Hari Krishnas
And in the middle of the room on a big white bed were John and Yoko
John was talking to someone on his side of the bed
And behind him on the window were signs that said
"Give peace a chance" and "Hair Peace" and stuff like that
It was very hip, I felt out of place
John nodded at me as if to say
"Who are you? What are you? What are you doing here?"
I didn't know he was saying that
I thought he'd just finish his conversation and then I'd have my chance to talk to John
Then all of a sudden a big burly man came bolting out of the blue
And grabbed me by the collar and hollered
"Get out of here!"
And before I knew it I was back in the hallway with a little broken flower in my hand
Ejected, dejected, not respected
Even as a human being
No, being a human being was not quite good enough I'm afraid
After all there are billions and billions of human beings
Who could all come to John's door with little flowers in their hand
And say: "let me in."
But where was this big burly bodyguard when John was in New York City?
I'd like to know, because
I was kicked out of John Lennon's bedroom
At the Queen Elizabeth Hotel

Montreal Souvenirs

Bowser & Blue

13 songs | 37:26 Released 1996

The only studio recording on the You Guys label, complete with string quartet and other musical guests. Contains the only available recorded version of 'John Lennon's Bedroom.'

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