Blame It On La Commission

Montreal Souvenirs
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Blame It On La Commission
It started a while ago, no one asked you or me.
Remember Dorchester Boulevard?
That was quite a shocker, one of these days you'll step out of your house to sea.
You're living on Rue Lucien Bouchard.
Plast Shock Parazzo, Rue Camillore, will one day hit you in the eye.
But you'll never see Plaspierre Trudeau, no matter how much time goes by.
And you'll never see Rue Mordechai.
When Russia St. Petersburg was changed to Leningrad.
You would think that it can't happen here, but you would be wrong.
If you look on a map, you'll see it already did.
St. Petersburg in French is Phil St. Pierre.
I'd like to express my personal distress and one of my biggest complaints.
The townships used to be full of English history, now it's full of saints and quaint it ain't.
We live in a country where if somebody steals from you,
legally you can say not so fast and call the nearest cop,
but what do we do when our own elected governments
quietly starts to steal our past?
Blame it on la commission de la toponomie.
They're the ones who are rewriting all our history and erasing you and me.

Montreal Souvenirs

Bowser & Blue

13 songs | 37:26 Released 1996

The only studio recording on the You Guys label, complete with string quartet and other musical guests. Contains the only available recorded version of 'John Lennon's Bedroom.'

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