I Live In Westmount

Montreal Souvenirs
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I Live In Westmount
I live in Westmount
And I'm glad that I do
Live in Westmount
You'd be very glad too
The joy of Westmount is complete
At the corner of Victoria and Sherbrooke Street
There's everything that Westmount stands for
Three banks and a liquor store

I live in Westmount
And I'm proud to be
In lower Westmount
Or upper St. Henri
Here I sit in the Westmount Sun
To the sound of an Italian mowing my lawn
Living in Westmount is perfect bliss
I can pretend Quebec doesn't exist

Westmount - such a lovely place
With golden agers dressed in white
With smiles on their face
Westmount - It's the place for me
With kids in uniforms going to schools
That charge outrageous fees

I live in Westmount
And I'm glad that I do
Live in Westmount
Now Mulroney does too
Two terms as PM and times are hard
Brian slipped below the Boulevard
He must be glad he didn't go for three
He might have ended up in NDG
I live in Westmount!

Montreal Souvenirs

Bowser & Blue

13 songs | 37:26 Released 1996

The only studio recording on the You Guys label, complete with string quartet and other musical guests. Contains the only available recorded version of 'John Lennon's Bedroom.'

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