Polka Dot Undies

Bowser & Blue
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Polka Dot Undies
Well I went for a drive in my pickup truck
I picked up my girl cause I wanted to
Show her my gloves cause she had on her mitts
And I blushed brightly when she showed me her
Perfume that she buys whenever Avon calls
Then I pulled down my pants and I showed her my
Polka dot undies
My polka dot undies

Yeah my polka dot undies from Miracle Mart
I said, "look! But be careful - I think I'm gonna
Turn a sharp corner, and go up on the grass
Then she leaned out the window and I thought I saw her
Pointing to something that flashed by, real quick
She said, "Hey - look at that! That looks just like your
Polka dot undies
Polka dot undies

Yeah my polka dot undies that I wear back to front
She smiled and she said have you seen my
Brother's new car? The one that he stole
Then she asked me to look up her
Whole damn family and I went into shock
When I found out it was her brother, who really liked
Polka dot undies, yeah
Polka dot undies

Well the moral of this story, like a jewel it is gleaming
But you'll never find it in a glass of warm
Milk or tea, because it will not fit
And you probably already think I am full of
Vague innuendos and double-meaning rhymes
But I'll tell you that obscenity is all in your
Polka dot undies, your
Polka dot undies
Your edible undies
Your Polka dot undies

Bowser & Blue

Bowser & Blue

11 songs | 40:51 Released 1986

Recorded many years ago, and still fresh. Guest appearances from the Waves, and Rick Davies (Supertramp). Features 'Polka Dot Undies,' which was on Dr. Demento's funny five!

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