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Dis Here
When I was a young man, back in 62 My momma said, son, this here is what you gotta do
Find yourself a woman to help you sing your song
And if you don't like this here, well you just move along
Cause when you get to 40, I don't wanna hear you scream
I should've had more dancing when I was 17
I hit the road with my guitar back in 68 Looking for some dishear, I could hardly wait
I found myself a woman, she was young and free
I said, now what is dishear? Would you mind showing me?
She said I'll be your teacher, and I studied hard all night
We kept on doing dishear, until I got it right
Everywhere I look, in everything I read It seems to me that dishear is what everybody needs
You can have your money, you can have your car But if you don't have dishear, you won't get very far
So I'm here to tell you, in every song I sing As long as you got dishear, you got everything

Is it In Yet

Bowser & Blue

13 songs | Released 1987

Recorded with Katrina and the Waves and other guests. It's a pretty good rock album, if we do say so ourselves. Enjoy 'If they can't take a joke,' and the inexcusable 'Have You Ever Been to Sea, Billy Boy.'

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