Bald Is Beautiful

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Bald Is Beautiful
When I was just a baby, I recalled
I had no hair upon my head at all
My granddaddy saw me cry, so he sat me on his knee
He said, look, I must bald as you are, and one day you will see
And all is beautiful
All is beautiful
So I grew up and I went searching for the way and the truth
And my hair kept getting longer and longer every day
Then I met Hekoru, he looked at me and he said
You will never see the truth until you shave your head
Because, give up all of your worldly possessions and gaze upon your belly button
Brothers and sisters, this bald head is not an absence of hair
It is a presence of head
And when the sun is glinting on my job, I am sending out a beacon of intergalactic universal love to all creation
Because, grasshopper, I am free, free from the coils of the cosmetic industry
From the bondage of the barber shop and the slavery of the salon
No more beardling with my follicles, I have brushed off my brush, I have no use for mousse, and I'm through with shampoo
All is beautiful
Oh, like a glazed guru
All is beautiful
I am like a plucked breeze
All is beautiful
I am a smooth swarming
All is beautiful
How do you mind changing the keypin?
That's not quite enough
Do it again
One more time please
Thank you
All is beautiful
Oh, raise your voices children
All is beautiful
And the grown-ups too
All is beautiful
I love it when they do that
Let's not need to see everyone coming together, shake your hands
All is beautiful
Join us in thinking
All is beautiful
I am becoming deeply moved
All is beautiful
Now put your hand on your neighbor's head and rub his head and feel his weakness of it
Put your hand on his head and that's right
Put your hand here
I am feeling it now
All is beautiful
Oh, I love them
I can feel true love now

Is it In Yet

Bowser & Blue

13 songs | Released 1987

Recorded with Katrina and the Waves and other guests. It's a pretty good rock album, if we do say so ourselves. Enjoy 'If they can't take a joke,' and the inexcusable 'Have You Ever Been to Sea, Billy Boy.'

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