"The 4 Anglos"

George Bowser   &  Rick Blue
Terry Mosher  &  Josh Freed

' The 25th Century Belongs to Canada '

Canada has a secret plan for world domination. It may take some time. Like ... about four hundred years. Josh Freed, Terry Mosher, and Bowser and Blue explain why this is inevitable, and may even be a good thing for all personkind.

WHEN: November 5-9 , November 12-14

WHERE: Centaur Theatre
453 St. François-Xavier

' The 4 Anglos of the Apocalypse '

A small enclave of English-speaking people, called Anglophones, has survived in the heart of Quebec, despite decades of half-hearted oppression by the provincial legislature. This show explains what it's been like, and why it was all worth it.