George Bowser

about George .... by George

George was born in Sussex, England, and educated at Tonbridge School, which offers a fine classical education for English gentlemen. While at school he enjoyed many extra-curricular activities such as music and rugby. George sang as a boy soprano until his voice changed, then as a baritone, with some soprano moments after a particularly rough scrum.

On leaving school, George joined a band called ‘People Like Us,’ which featured Roger Hodgson on lead guitar, but left to attend Oxford University to ‘read’ modern languages. Feeling that he wasn’t doing anything useful, he immigrated to Montreal, where not doing anything useful is an art form. Hodgson joined Supertramp, who were looking for a boy soprano.

George arrived in Canada just in time for the October Crisis, which he says was not his fault, all though being English he feels that in a sort of a way it was. He toured Quebec with various bands and combos, which vastly improved his understanding of the land and its people, and did weird things to his hitherto impeccable French accent. He also tried various other jobs including trucking and writing pseudo-journalism for a Montreal-based tabloid newspaper that has since relocated to Florida. Many of his former colleagues at the tabloid now work at the Gazette. In 1978 he joined with Rick Blue to create Bowser and Blue. Their mission statement was 'have fun and make money' and they have often been successful.

George was a City councillor in his home town of Westmount, from 2005 until 2009, when he decided not to run for a second term. For some years before his election, George contributed humorous columns to the local newspaper.